During the critical pre-construction phase, clients get the benefit of the builder’s experience and viewpoint. At BENCHMARK, we believe that proactive management during this phase will assure that the design reflects the client’s program requirements, as well as budget, schedule, and quality parameters. Early on, clients understand what their budget will afford, they are able to obtain financing sooner, and the project takes less time to complete than the traditional system (design, bid and build contract format). We begin implementing our communication and reporting systems which identify potential misunderstandings and eliminate them before construction begins. Clients also have an opportunity to explore alternative systems, such as energy efficiency, lifecycle cost systems, sustainable technology, and environmentally sound construction techniques.
PRE-CONSTRUCTION includes the following services:
  • Estimating  
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Budget management
  • Site design, evaluation and permitting 

Please contact us at 207-591-7600 for more information on our Pre-construction Services.